Philips JD : Program Manager Mobile Devie Farm (SIG - CDPP) in Bangalore, India

Responsible for building and maintaining the team for enabling and execution of Mobile device Farm team,

Define the ways of working, and define the interfaces with other functions and teams

Accountable for the success of overall plan, in consultation with management and other parties concerned

Defines KPI’s and associated success criteria to me assured and shared back periodically with all stakeholders with associated budget management and risks involved

Deploys Process Improvement and Quality Assurance and makes the project organization efficient and transparent

Provides business management with regular project performance status, variances to plan and identification of corrective actions,

reports on employees’ performance to the hierarchical superior of the employees for the purpose of appraisal and conducts evaluation at the end of the projects.

Keeps up-to-date with technical basics and new technology, in order to optimize the goals of each project and maximize the synergy between the projects.

Builds Domain knowledge on Mobile Devices and periodically publishes reports on market happenings