Philips Senior Architect - ImCS R&D in Bangalore, India


  • Define scope and problem domain in a crisp and structured way: defining the problem with stakeholders and identifying key issues.

  • Deliver a consolidated architecture: creating well defined building blocks / system options & scenarios; choosing the optimal architecture, leveraging technology and contributing to/driving roadmaps, establishment of control points (IP).

  • Ensure good and up to date documentation of the architecture and implementation thereof; using methods & tools for a structured approach.

  • Driving an accepted implementation of architecture, by explaining, convincing, deciding; incl. validation and verification; solving issues and learning from them; architecture lifecycle management; teaming-up for results.

Knowledge & Critical Experiences

  • Bachelor or Masters in Computer Science

  • 16+ Yrs of Software development , Design in C++ and C# for desktop/embedded systems .

  • Strong Windows system knowledge is required

  • Some WPF, WCF, ASP .Net exposure is required

  • Some experience in network application development is required

  • Some experience with Enterprise systems is an advantage

  • Some experience with AWS IOT is an advantage

  • Knowledge of modern architecting approaches, tools.

  • Knowledge of relevant development methodologies and (business) processes

  • Knowledge of domain, competitive situation and relevant core technologies

  • Solid engineering background

  • Having shown to be able to align with multiple E2E stakeholders

  • Having addressed architectural aspects on subsystem / mono-disciplinary level

  • Having worked in a leading technical role in development projects


  • Demonstrating business acumen;

  • Driving of divergence, convergence and consolidation

  • Stakeholder management;

  • Analytical skills; Architectural thinking and creation; Switching from helicopter to detailed view;

  • Documenting/modeling of the architecture.

  • Influencing skills; Team player; Networking skills; Negotiation skills.

  • Managing uncertainties.