Philips Sales Development Specialist in Belfast, United Kingdom

Your challenge

The challenge is to figure out if educational and research product sales have synergies with clinical product sales and if they can be combined since both have different regulatory requirements and different workflows.

It is unclear if educational and research product sales and clinical have synergies and can be combined, since these products are rarely being used by the same customers, have different regulatory requirements and with different workflows. Rapid development with a lean quality management system for educational have the potential to speed up clinical product development since the product can be brought into use quickly and give big data from research projects, especially if using the Philips high speed Scanner solution.

Your responsibilities

The project scope:

  • Investigate the customer requirement from both educational, research and clinical customers.

  • Analysis of typical customer (profiling) and their typical needs and requirements.

  • Analysis of the decision-making process to buy what products and especially synergies between education/research and clinical sales.

  • Determine the maturity of the digital pathology in different markets by mapping demography of educational and clinical customer.

  • Develop a set of sales and marketing tools for highlighting the synergies of combined educational and clinical sales.

We expect you to deliver next:

  • Profiling of educational and clinical customers and gaps.

  • Differential strategies and synergies for Education and Clinical sales funnels.

  • A combined strategy and toolbox for the Sales and Marketing teams.

Your team

Philips Digital Pathology has acquired PathXL in June 2016. Digital Pathology Solutions are providing a Scanner for Digital Pathology Images and an Image Management System with a workflow for clinical use. PathXL have successfully been providing customers with several tools and workflow solutions for research and educational purposes. Both DPS and PathXL has been building sales funnels in the clinical and research and educational domain respectively. A combined product, roadmap and portfolio is currently being developed and a combined sales strategy will be developed. Research and Educational products have the potential to reach a large community of pathologists in training and build habits and needs, while at the same time giving rapid feedback and data for developing more mature products for the clinical market.

This position will be located at our facility in Belfast. However, in some content we are flexible depending on your location to locate you in another country.(US/UK/Netherlands)

Our offer

We believe that every mega growth period creates an exceptional career runway. In fact, the Emerging Businesses leadership team gets out of bed every morning with the sole focus of growing the business and growing the people who contribute to it. Luckily, you are the benefactor of this unique opportunity and leadership commitment- likely to experience an exciting high stakes, mobility-focused environment from which to create your own future – personally, professionally & financially.

We welcome you to a challenging, innovative environment with great opportunities for you to explore.

Skills and experience to be gained and developed :

  • Rapid feedback and big data generated by educational products being feed back into the clinical products.

  • Clinical sales generated through scientific marketing with use of educational tools and projects in close cooperation with a wide range of research partners.

We offer you 2 x 12 months’ projects in 2 countries and 2 businesses in which we would like you to start no later than September 1st 2017. This project will be your start of your 24 months’ journey through the Philips Emerging Business organization.

We are looking for

Our ideal candidate has an entrepreneurial mindset, and is:

  • Studying towards your MBA degree in: (need to finish your study before September 2017)

  • Marketing and Sales

  • A max of 5 years’ experience in Sales and Marketing

  • Preferred biomedical or medical device background

  • Knowledge of the hospital environment and knowledge of the investment/procurement workflow and timelines

  • Fluent is oral and written English

  • A good listener with a high sense of customer focus

  • Strong communication skills

  • Self-propelling

  • Persistent

If you recognize yourself in this profile and would like to take this challenge, we invite you to apply until latest 05-03-2017.

Recruitment process

If you’re interested in this opportunity to join us, please upload your resume and motivation letter.

  • if you pass the pre-selection round you will be asked to make an online ability test;

  • if you achieve the required score on this test, you will be invited for Skype interviews with our Campus Recruiter;

  • if you pass this interview, you will be invited for a follow-up interview with the business through Skype

  • When you successfully complete the selection process you are able to start as soon as possible in 2017 in your first assignment which is especially created for this program.