Philips Customer Project Manager in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Is responsible during the presales phase to assess the customer site, agreeing project scope,

project risk & timelines, technical project feasibility, pre-calculation of project cost

• Is responsible for agreeing the project objectives and formulating the project plan, in

consultation with management and other parties concerned on base of the customer contract.

• Is responsible to organize the internal and external resources to be used (quality, time, budget and information) and specifies the quality standard in the processes. Includes engaging with Market procurement for quotes / orders from external suppliers.

• Defines the risks (technical and commercial) of the project and develops scenarios to overcome these risks.

• Directs employees and gives them operational guidance, regarding content and organization.

Manages external resources (e.g sub-contractors).

• Is responsible for implementation and realization according to the project plan or validated

project order in terms of quality, money, time, information, organization and final customer


• Is responsible for driving compliancy to applicable regulations (Q&R/ H&S) by own organization,third parties and partners in the project

• Controls the project budget and project progress, evaluates all change requests as to feasibility, costs/benefits and added value, takes corrective actions when necessary and generates adequate reporting to internal and external stakeholders

• Provides a feedback loop on post-project execution.