Philips CCC Planner in Seoul,

PM Planning and FCO Coordination

• Planning PM

• Create PM Service Work Orders

• Skill based FSE dispatch

• Maintain contact list customers

• Maintain system list (number of PM and preferred FSE information)

• Communication with customer and FSE for planning

• Maintain planning list and periodic report

FCO Coordination

• Inform Technical Support Specialist about new FCO

• Create SWO for affected equipment based on the Unit Effective List

as provided by the Technical Support Specialist

• Coordinate FCO parts ordering

• Schedule & dispatch FCO’ / Service Work Orders (SWO’s)

• Provide open FCO report to CS & Operation Managers

• Manage the progress of the FCO completion status and escalate any issues

as required to ensure we are compliant

• Archive FCO documents as signed off by FSE’s

• Maintain FCO track