Philips Market Intelligence Manager (f/m) in Hamburg, Germany


  • The Marketing Intelligence Manager (f/m) continuously develops and synthesizes insights into the market, customer segments, and competitive landscapes, through primary/secondary research (Business Intelligence) and collaboration with Product/Services Product Managers, Solutions Managers and Field Marketing

  • Provides analytics and market/marketing intelligence support of the Strategic Plan of Record (SPOR), Business/Market Combination (BMC) and Marketing Planning process

  • Helps understand the current state of the Business and provide insights into new Business opportunities

  • Proactively shares those insights and potential Business opportunities with Business Marketing Managers, Solutions Managers to accelerate innovative product development and customer interactions


Marketing Intelligence

Informs marketing strategies by providing market-specific metrics including: market size, market share, brand awareness, customer satisfaction/NPS, advertising impact, usage, and monitoring of government/regulatory issues that impact the local business.

Researches and synthesizes market opportunities, market penetration strategies and new market development opportunities to support Business cases for new products and solutions

Competitive Intelligence

Builds actionable intelligence related to competitors (e.g., competitor profiles, strategies, value chain, market segmentation, market position and capabilities) to feed into product development, positioning and go-to-market strategy campaigns and pricing strategy

Synthesizes emerging competitors and threats to inform management recommendations and changes to Business strategy

Customer Intelligence

Creates high-quality customer and market insights through primary (e.g., customer interviews) and secondary research (e.g. external indicators for buy power potential), and proactively share insights with product/services managers to help them anticipate market needs and develop powerful value propositions for new and existing products and solutions. The same insights and customer intelligence is used to define the local market customer segmentation.

Business Intelligence

Provides compelling reasoning for business planning and forecasting to market management team and BMC management through exhaustive analysis of the Business environment.

Identifies strategic information needs for growth opportunities and sets priorities and agenda for growth projects to drive sustainable innovation. Drives increased adoption of intelligence information for Business decision-making through the use of multiple communication tools and channels (i.e. presentations, newsletters, intranet, trainings and workshops).

Owns, manages, and continuously updates a centralized market/competitive/customer fact base.

Provides Business case development, coaching and support and drives for high quality marketing intelligence across the BMCs and countries for strategy, marketing and sales excellence.


  • University degree in economics and a minimum of 3 years relevant experience in the flled of market research & analytics, marketing, market intelligence preferebly in the healthcare sector

  • Familiarity with market and customer research techniques and strong working knowledge of basic analytical tools and sharp predictive skills to work on large amounts of data

  • Sense for market opportunities and risks relating to specific business potential

  • Excellent analytical thinking to be able to interpret large amounts of information and synthesize insights (e.g., from clinical studies, scientific papers, financial reports and in-depth market research studies)

  • Strong fact based thinking – helping the organization to base decisions on intelligence based on benchmarks and reliable sources as much as possible

  • Strong critical thinking to identify and synthesize patterns from emerging trends

  • Strong interviewing skills to identify deep levels of insights during customer/field interviews (i.e., ability to probe and obtain specific examples and data points)

  • Very good communication skills to develop and communicate insights, results and recommendations across multiple stakeholders in simple, easy-to-understand mediums

  • Fluency in German and English