Philips Assistant online account manager, M&CC in Shanghai, China

Position: E-commerce KA manager

  1. Responsible for the Amazon、1haodian、Miya、Suning etc. online KA platform overall sight management and overseeing.

  2. Research competitors product promotion schemes, evaluate effectiveness of schemes, give timely and practical marketing suggestions and improvement schemes

  3. Responsible for internal optimization promotion, analyze data pertaining platform visitors, make revisions and adjustments to the online shop

  4. Responsible for planning platforms external promotion, improve click-on rate, and traffic & conversion rates

  5. Responsible for Grid development platforms, framework, functions, channels. Responsible for team building, team training and assigning of daily work

  6. User experience, business process analysis and improvement and to participate in e-commerce platform for brand, product and market planning

  7. Responsible for daily monitoring of data: sales data, transaction data, merchandise management, customer management

  8. Responsible for maintaining the commercial avenues of cooperation resources, responsible for the problematic order tracking and customer tracking, evaluations, complaints and so on, complete the platform's total monthly and yearly sales target

  9. Responsible for the coordination of relevant departments, establish effective mechanisms for teamwork, maintain and develop all aspects of external relations, management and motivate all departments to give maximum and effective performance