Philips Senior Scientist in Shanghai, China

  • Conduct scientific studies for understanding and developing consumer device e.g. asthma inhalers, peak flow meters, masks related to respiratory health problems such as asthma, COPD, bronchitis.

  • Keep abreast with the technological development in the areas of respiratory health, and leverage the knowledge and technique in the ecosystem.

  • Build and maintain collaborative relationship with key opinion leaders in respiratory health domain.

  • Contribute to building up know-how and competency in the area of respiratory health.

  • Be responsible for smooth and efficient execution of research projects, and deliver results on time and in good quality as required.

  • Document well the research outcome in the form of IP, internal technical reports and quality publications, where applicable.

  • Work with peer colleagues across projects, groups and labs, and make sure communication goes timely as needed. May guide the juniors engaged in developing and applying materials for specific use in device.

  • Make good use of open innovation opportunities with external parties, such as universities, institutes and companies, for the successful running of responsible projects.