Philips Online Sales Manager in China

Works, as a Online Account specialist, on the development of the medium term policy for his online account sub discipline, and processes results into a vision/roadmap.

Distinctive is a high degree of original, out of the box thinking, needed to find solutions to the assignments.

Formulates new online account solutions by integral, original thinking and adds new online account concepts/elements to his sub discipline.

Combines abstract ideas at a high conceptual level, and generates new types of online account solutions.

Formulates, as a recognized online account authority, solutions across multiple disciplines to effectively achieve goals together.

Builds actively networks with key contacts in- and outside Philips for his specialism to keep abreast of new developments/insights.

May lead multi-disciplinary online account change projects, managing a significant number of people.

Typically requires a Master’s degree with > 5 years of related experience in online account management.