Philips Software Technologist II in Bangalore, India


Key Areas of Responsibility :

  • Proven hands-on programming experience in Python, R and SQL

  • Excellent knowledge of various data science, AI algorithms

  • Full Stack software engineer responsible for analyzing and understanding the requirements and translation to product engineering

  • Quick in technical/functional area of key modules detail understanding and develop quick working prototypes

  • Strong SQL background with ability to write complex queries, procedures on SQL

  • Ensure deliverable are on time and of high quality

  • Strong passion for empirical research and for answering hard questions with data

Experience & Skill Competency:

  • BE /B.Tech/M.Tech Degree in CS/EE/IT

  • Experience in software engineering with OOPS and scripting background. Knowledge of Python, R and SQL is required.

  • Expertise in development, testing and debugging skills

  • Background in Machine Learning/ Statistical Analysis

  • Translates requirements to high-level design and then implementation

Role Competency & Personal characteristics

  • Fast learner. Ability to grasp key concepts quickly with minimal or no supervision

  • Go-getter Attitude. Ability to take ownership of team goals and deliver it with quality and within required timeline

  • Team Player attitude. Key characteristic of the individual who puts the team first before self.

  • Ability to think out of box: Ability to come up with bright ideas and always looking at the next big thing in technology

  • Flexible and willingness to stretch oneself when needed.

  • Working with multisite teams, Quality conscious and Process & customer oriented

  • Excellent communication and documentation skills