Philips Intellectual Property Counsel for Trademarks, Designs and Domain names in Eindhoven, Netherlands

KARs IP Counsels- Summary version

  • IP Portfolio Management:

  • Creating a strong IP portfolio in specified areas in line with the IP portfolio plan for that area, including:

  • Deploying the IP portfolio plan in the relevant Philips R&D and commercial groups to stimulate the generation of the desired number, type and quality of invention/ IP proposals and taking the necessary corrective actions, if needed. Approving publications for release after screening for patentable/protectable subject matter

  • Processing or having processed IP proposals and drafting or having drafted IP applications in accordance with the guidelines and time limits set therefore

  • Prosecuting or having prosecuted IP applications in accordance with the guidelines and time limits set therefor, including instructing Philips IP Counsels in other IP&S departments and IP agencies in other countries so as to ensure that the broadest possible protection can be obtained globally

  • Acquiring third party IP, including making business cases for identified IP that we may want to acquire

  • IP Value Capturing:

  • Leveraging Philips IP to gain cash and non-cash benefits, including:

  • Identifying potential valuable IP through revaluation of IP portfolio parts/clusters

  • Developing business cases around IP by identifying the potential value and the way it can be captured

  • Leading/participating in value capturing projects to realize the potential value of a case, including any related litigations and other legal actions

  • Providing proper follow-up to IP value capturing projects

  • All of the above in accordance with the time limits set for the various activities

  • IP Value Contribution

  • Guiding Research/Sectors in selecting areas for R&D investments based on IP information

  • Conducting IP risk assessments for new products, recommending appropriate actions to minimize the IP risk and following up on those

  • Getting access to third party IP relevant to present and future business activities at most favorable conditions, including handling third party IP infringement assertions and concluding/renewing cross licenses and informing the relevant businesses of the acquired rights

  • Assessing offered third party IP portfolios, including unsolicited inventions, to determine IP risks/opportunities for current and future business activities, recommending and following up on actions

  • Pro-active IP and business scouting and acquisition

  • IP Counseling:

  • Safeguard Philips interests in collaborations (joint developments, contract research, funded programs) with third parties by securing ownership of and/or access to, relevant IP,

  • Handling M&A transactions, including IP due diligence, valuating IP portfolios to be acquired/divested and leading/ participating in negotiations with the third party seller/buyer

  • Safeguarding the business’ interests in commercial transactions with suppliers/customers by appropriate IP warranty/indemnity arrangements

  • Standardization:

  • Make/keep Philips businesses aware of planned and ongoing standardization activities within their field of interest in the major countries of the world

  • Counsel Philips businesses in which standardization activities to participate and at what level, on the basis of developed business cases

  • Manage IP&S funded R&D projects driving the various standardization activities

  • Actively participate in selected standardization and regulatory activities at the required level in working groups, committees and boards in standards organizations and consortia to serve the interest of the Philips businesses

  • Monitor and drive compliance with relevant standards and regulations by Philips businesses

  • Capability:

  • Representing IP&S in external committees to monitor developments in the IP field that are relevant to Philips and promote, support and defend positions to safeguard our IP interests

  • Participate in internal IP&S committees/activities to contribute to the overall IP&S organization

  • Drive IP awareness activities within Philips

  • Increase own professional level among others by keeping up-to-date with IP/technical developments;

  • Sharing knowledge within and outside IP&S and Philips.

  • Coaching and mentoring colleagues to enhance their technical and interpersonal skills and understanding of the internal governance model and ways of working

In this role, you have the opportunity to

Turn IP into assets that support the growth, profitability and competitiveness of Philips businesses. Can you think ‘out-of-the-box’ to protect our worldwide businesses and operations by carefully deploying a sound Intellectual Property strategy? If the answer is yes, then joining Philips Intellectual Property & Standards (IP&S) as an Intellectual Property Counsel for Trademarks, Design and Domain names (Tm, D & Dn) is a unique opportunity to accelerate your career in one of the world’s largest and best-known industrial IP organizations.

You are responsible for

  • Advising on IP proposals and identifying new IP opportunities and policies to further strengthen Philips’ Intellectual Property on a worldwide basis;

  • Initiating investigative studies to identify IP business opportunities, and defining and executing business plans and strategies in consultation with Philips’ businesses;

  • Leading or participating in projects to realize the potential value of new and existing Philips products and services, including negotiations or litigations with third parties;

  • Whereas you typically operate within a particular Philips business sector (Personal Health, Health Systems or Philips Strategy & Innovation), your IP expertise is leveraged across the entire worldwide IP&S team.

You are a part of

Our Philips IP&S team, an international community of IP professionals with wide-ranging technical or legal backgrounds and IP experience, gained both inside and outside Philips. Comprising professionals of many different nationalities who collaborate with Philips businesses across the globe, the Philips IP&S team offers you excellent opportunities for learning and professional networking in order to increase your knowledge of intellectual property matters continue your professional development and accelerate your career path.

To succeed in this role, you should have the following skills and experience

  • A Master’s degree and preferably an additional Business Master’s degree;

  • At least 10 years of experience in business development in an IP intensive business;

  • Proven experience in defining IP policies, IP strategies as well as exploiting IP;

  • A pro-active, entrepreneurial, business-oriented working attitude and a proven understanding of the commercial value of Intellectual Property;

  • Strong analytical and organizational abilities;

  • Excellent relationship building, influencing and negotiating skills;

  • The confidence and communications skills to operate at all levels both internally and externally;

  • Fluency in English.

In return, we offer you

A challenging, innovative environment with great opportunities for you to explore. Furthermore, our benefits are very competitive and designed around your preferences.

Why should you join Philips?

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