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Job Information

Philips Service Account Manager in Seoul, South Korea


[Key Areas of Responsibilities]

  • Education and training for internal and external stakeholders

  • Teach and train on protocols related to the sleep study

  • Train on sleep diagnostic equipment and its calibration for testing to determine proper functioning

  • Teach how to Apply electrodes and sensors according to accepted published standards

  • Train on routine positive airway pressure (PAP) interface fitting and desentization

  • Train on procedural protocols [such as Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT), Maintenance of Wakefulness Test (MWT), parasomnia studies, PAP and oxygen titration, etc. to ensure collection of appropriate data

  • Train on how to do physiological calibrations to ensure proper signals and make required adjustments

  • Should be able to train "lights out" procedures to establish and document baseline values (i.e. body position, oxyhemoglobin saturation, respiratory and heart rates, etc.)

  • Perform data acquisition while monitoring study- tracing quality to ensure signals are artifact-free

  • Should be able to Train to Identify, correct and document artifact. Document routine observations, including sleep stages and clinical events, changes in procedure, and other significant events in order to facilitate scoring and interpretation of polysomnographic results

  • Should be able to train to implement appropriate interventions (including actions necessary for patient safety and therapeutic intervention such as positive airway pressure, oxygen administration, etc.)

  • Should be able to train to Follow "lights on" procedures to verify integrity of collected data and complete the data collection process (e.g. repeat the physiological and instrument calibrations and instruct the patient on completing questionnaires, checking for completeness, etc.)

  • Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to perform portable monitoring equipment preparation and data download

  • Perform patient education and instruction appropriate for out of center sleep testing

  • Demonstrate adherence to cleaning and disinfection procedures for portable monitoring devices

  • Demonstrate adherence to AASM scoring parameters for OCST; identify artifact, inadequate signals and study failures and generate an accurate report

  • Review and evaluate sleep studies and provide feedback to staff during training

  • Customer engagement

  • Build relationship and manage customers to generate orders

  • Collect market insight and report to head quarter

  • 3rd party supervision

  • Supervise 3rd party for device installation, sleep lab set-up and routine equipment care and maintenance

  • Supervise 3rd party with regard to compliance with applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and standards regarding safety and infection control issues

[Desired characteristics & Qualifications]

  • 6 12 years of experience in medical device industry

  • Communication skills (Negotiation skills and proficiency in English & Korean)

  • Analytical skills and ability to apply company policy

  • Demonstrate ability to follow direction

  • Experience of sleep technician or PSG is preferred