Philips Operations and Marketing Associate in Shanghai, China


The Operations and Marketing Associate for Philips HealthWorks, is a new hire, catering to the growth of the team, particularly in China. The role will be responsible for executing the operational and marketing component of our Internal and External venturing programs in the HealthWorks Shanghai hub.

The Operations and Marketing Associate fulfils two key aspects, firstly this role is designed to provide executional capability to the Program Management group that is located in China, secondly the role will also deliver local marketing support to the HealthWorks Shanghai team, leveraging the communications strategy being designed by the Marketing Manager based in Eindhoven.

For delivery of the Program, the operations associate will be responsible for the logistical aspects of both the Internal and External venturing program, which includes administration, coach and mentor coordination, internal projects and venture schedule planning and maintenance of program tools.

From a Marketing perspective the Operations Associate will be intrinsic in helping to build the Shanghai Hub into a Venture friendly, community engaged, centre for Health Technology startups and providing a tangible representation of an entrepreneurial culture back to the broader Philips business This includes the running of events (presentations, thought leadership sessions, startup meet ups, coaching sessions etc), helping the innovation lead to maintain relationships with key partners for marketing purposes (Accelerators, Investors, Hospitals etc), assisting in designing and executing the Breakthrough Days and supporting the global marketing team via Social Media and Local Media activities.

Consequently, the Operations and Marketing Associate role will be an integral part of the HealthWorks team, ensuring that we execute best practice in our accelerator activities in the Shanghai area, and will ensure the execution of the process, methodologies and track outcomes of the accelerator internally and externally, via the broader team.

The key aspects of the role include:

Work with the HealthWorks Leads and other core parts of the Philips business (Design, Research, University to name a few) and external experts to produce and execute content for the Internal and External programs – by taking care of tools, processes, case studies. Coordination of the applicant process for the Shanghai accelerator program. Whilst the intake of cohorts for the individual hubs will be finalised at a local level, there is a need to work within the overall application process, particularly the online method, which will be managed from the Netherlands. Communications execution at the Shanghai hub of the activities and outcomes from each program – including liaison with the communications team and draft the communication article under supervision of Innovation Lead. Key contributions to the HealthWorks website – content refresh, case studies, venture section, external partners/mentors. Relationship coordinator of the community aspect of the HealthWorks program (Hospitals, HCP’s). Relationship coordinator of External partner (venture community) to ensure HealthWorks has a voice with key partners. This aspect is linked more closely to the communications aspect of HealthWorks and promote the activities and success of the HTA.

Shorter Term requirements:

  • Work with the HealthWorks leads in Shanghai on the accelerator program launch and ramp up throughout 2018-19. Acting as the glue across the hubs.

  • Logistical coordination – in line with establishing the first programs in the various hubs, act as the logistical centre point.

  • Central point – help to mitigate risks and raise flags or escalating issues where appropriate for the program execution.

  • Stakeholder coordination - Coordination point for internal/external stakeholders for dissemination of HealthWorks information and activities (running point on scheduling).

Ideal Candidate Requirements

Comes from a technology based environment, ideally an accelerator or incubator business.

Intermediate level of marketing and/or event experience.

Operational excellence – ideally experience in implementing external and internal facing programs.

Familiar with communication planning and implementation.

Excellent interpersonal skills.

Strong online skills – social media management, website construct, content production.