Philips 【品川】Cloud IoT Business Architect/ビジネスアーキテクト<ソリューションビジネス> in Tokyo, Japan



Working with the architecture teams across the businesses, you will work on shaping and realizing our next generation architectures.

You will be responsible to research, prototype new technologies while also working with the businesses to ensure its introduction and adoption alongside present solutions.

You will be expected to provide input to the R&D leadership towards the architecture and technology roadmap and be responsible to further it.


Architecting our future systems to be modular based on micro services, containers and best in class enterprise and cloud patterns to be realized in our Hybrid IT deployments

Understand our present architecture and enable its transformation to our future architecture. This will include working closely with our present architects.

Collaborate with the software development teams on implementation decisions and technology selections including the co-development of services

Employing a systems engineering approach to design complete and complex frameworks and systems, at both conceptual and logical level

Document platform designs. Collaborate with users and other technologists to gather feedback on those designs, and incorporate feedback as appropriate

Rapidly produce prototype designs that can be market tested and grow into the actual product / solution

Translate and document complex architectural issues to non-technical staff within the businesses

Guide/mentor junior team members in the implementation of the solutions

Lead and participate in design & code reviews


You will be part of a geographically distributed team. This will need a global mindset and an ability to work with teams across time zones

The individual should have excellent communication skills, both written and spoken. Multiple communication touch points can be anticipated

Should be a team player working as part of cross functional teams composed of R&D, operations, service and field deployment

Ability to appreciate multiple domains (within healthcare and wellness) and their overlaps

Should be sensitive to cultural differences in globally spread teams


-Bachelor’s degree in engineering (computer science or equivalent) with 5+ years’experience.

-The experience should include having worked recently in solutions deployed at an enterprise scale that considers moving towards the cloud

-Experience with architecting and designing solutions using SOA/Rest/Micro Service patterns. Familiar with Modular and Evolutionary architectural approaches

-Experience with architecting based on the principles of a SaaS / PaaS / IaaS (example:AWS)

-Good understanding of latest DevOps practices and the influence of architectural choices on DevOps and vica versa

-Work experience that spans a broad technology base that covers Windows, Linux and its associated middleware and popular programming languages

-Experience with software design concepts, practices, modern development methodologies such as Agile, Lean, TDD, Clean Code, CI/CD

-Experience in OS virtualization and containerization isolation technologies and concepts as “infrastructure as code” in a DevOps setting

-Experience in defining and implementing Non-functional Requirements into the core of the applications, such as security, scalability, maintainability and various levels of quality

-Ability to work in a collaborative environment, negotiate challenges, explain technical considerations and recommend solutions

-Experience with the ability to balance feature delivery and tech debt amortization while maintaining existing technology and innovation to satisfy business needs

-Desire to keep abreast of technical developments in own field through study of the literature and prototyping

-A true “just do it” approach with demonstrated success as a problem solver. Experience with “working virtually” with teammates and customers around the world







【就業場所】品川オフィス(東京都港区港南2-13-37 フィリップスビル)


【就業時間】9:00-17:30 休憩時間: 原則として12:00~13:00


【休暇】年次有給休暇あり(初年度最大20日間付与。2年度~5年度 20日/6年度以降 25日 付与)、Care Leave(年間10日間)、Sick Leave ほか











フィリップスは、「 2025 年までに年間30 億人の生活を向上させる 」ことをミッションに掲げ、ヘルスケアカンパニーとして世界中で培った技術と知見を生かしながら、健康な生活、予防、診断、治療、ホームケアという「 一連のヘルスケアプロセス 」においてイノベーションを実現してまいりました。今後も、超高齢社会における日本の医療と健康問題に一層向き合い、社会への貢献を果たしていくためにも、ヘルステックカンパニーとして生まれ変わり、デジタル化を加速してまいります。

フィリップスのデジタル・プラットフォームにおいてプロフェッショナル・ヘルスケア(病院の医療)とパーソナル・ヘルスケア(ホームケア)をつなぐことにより、地域社会の医療の充実や患者様の負担軽減、健康社会の実現に向け、有意義なソリューションを提供していくとともに、あらゆる医療関係機関や他業種の方々とのエコシステムにより、「 フィリップス・ジャパン 」として、未来に向け新しい企業価値を創造してまいります。